Intelligent automation of business decisions

¿What is business decisioning automation?

Intelligent automation allows organizations to combine human know-how with artificial intelligence in order to speed up business processes, reduce errors and minimize human input. In today's digital world, businesses have to be smarter and more agile than their competitors. This requires the automation of as many routine tasks as possible, freeing up staff to focus on more creative areas.

For a credit origination process, we can think about high-volume and high-impact decisions like:
How much money can my bank lend a customer? Waht's the right interest rate to make it viable? Does the customer fulfills the requirements to be considered a low-risk customer? How often and how much can the customer pay back? How have other similar customers repayed their debt in the past? Can we offer additional financial products right now?. In this scenario, Actico leverages risk analyst's knowledge and leverages the power of data through Artificial Intelligence, to produce the right decision, that can get you a better customer and a happier customer.

See Actico in action

Actico is the global leading software company in the DMS (Decision Management System) arena. Actico helps you make more intelligent decisions, faster and more predictably than ever.

Today Actico has more than 20 years serving customers in more than 35 countries with more than 50k users globally. 100% of Actico's projects have been successful.

Actico has pioneered the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze data and produce decisions with a level o speed and accuracy that data-driven organizations will particularly value.

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When to use a DMS according to Gartner

According to Gartner your organization should use a DMS (Decision Management System) when:
- A lot of complicated decisions need to be made every day, all of which depend on multiple rules and data sources.
- The decision-making logic changes frequently because legal requirements or market conditions are in flux.
- Individual business units or departments need to be able to change the decision-making rules themselves without IT having to reprogram anything.
- High transparency and traceability of decisions is needed.
- A high level of consistency in decisions is important. For example, customers should always receive the same information, regardless of whether they go via a call center, an employee or the website to ask about a service.

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Linko and Actico, a success story

Strategic partnership between Linko and Actico has delivered great successes for customers that trust their daily decision processes to us.
- Every day, Linko makes more than 13Million credit decisions using Actico technology.
- Past due credits have seen a 6.5% improvement when using Machine Learning for credit decisioning.
- We have achieved an 8% increase in credit sales because of the personalization of each individual credit offering.
- Actico is also being used for several more use cases like comission payment, cross selling and upselling efforts, insurance claim processing and many more.

What can we do for your organization?

Artificial Intelligence in your business

Using graphical rule models to embed and apply machine learning models allows business departments to gain more control over AI and increase transparency.

Real time decisioning

Intelligent automation turns your data insights into action. Companies can leverage human knowledge and artificial intelligence to respond to digital business situations in real time.

Greater Agility

Our approach empowers your business users to have greater autonomy and control over business rules. They no longer need to wait for IT areas to develop and deploy software whenever a business rule needs to change.

Lower your operational costs

Intelligent decisioning automation means savings for your human-based risk analysis and decisions. You can trust the best technology to make the right decision everytime.

Improve your customer Xperience

Your customers expect speed and certainty in the decisions your company processes. Improve your customer experience by offering immediate decisioning, with great accuracy and with functionality that enables you to tailor your offering according to your customer's specific needs.


Make technology the ordinary way to serve your customers, and make it eXtraordinary.  


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