Learn about the partner ecosystem that makes the value of Linko's services possible

Linko has built an ecosystem of strategic alliances exclusively with leading companies in technologies. We have teams of certified and specialized consultants and architects for delivering state of the art services, based on these alliances.

Integration and analytical platform

Tibco unleashes the potential of real-time data to make faster and smarter decisions. Our connected intelligence platform, integrates any application or data source, unifies data for more access, confidence and control, and allows you to predict results in real time.


Business rules automation + AI

Actico is the leading international software company to optimize and automate decision-making processes at scale. The company provides cutting edge software for multiple industries that allow to improve day to day business decisions.

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Robotic process automation

This revolutionary technology uses the transformative power of automation to unleash the unlimited potential of people. With UiPath we can simplify your team's repetitive processes to increase productivity and improve customer service. Leveraging Machine Learning technologies, UiPath helps you to discover and make efficient the mass execution of any process.


Creating a safer digital world

While the world becomes more and more connected, Thales makes it safer. Identity management and data protection technologies help banks exchange funds, people cross borders, energy is smarter and much more. More than 30,000 organizations trust in Thales to secure crucial data in their business chains.


Create the digital backbone for real-time business

Everything you need to intercommunicate your business events in a configurable and dynamic infrastructure layer for distributing events among decoupled applications, cloud services and devices.


Cloud Services - Amazon

Regardless of whether you need computing power, database storage, content delivery or other functionality, Linko, through AWS offers the services necessary to help you create sophisticated applications with greater flexibility, scalability and reliability.


Cloud Sevices- Google

Linko leverages Google's world-class infrastructure and robust suite of solutions to create, operate and expand its customers' business in today's complex multi-cloud environment.



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