The expertise of our team and the best technology, allow us to offer incredible solutions.

Our Solutions

The expectations of your customers have evolved over the last few years, becoming every day more and more sophisticated digital users. We have years of experience developing strategic digital projects for AAA companies in Mexico and in other parts of the world, all within one of our lines of technological solutions:


Building services, applications and experiences. Today, data helps to generate most business opportunities. We must ensure that systems and people have access to them. Accessing, improving and delivering information to the right employees, channels, processes and teams is key to delivering new experiences. Connect all data sources, systems, applications and documents. Integrate customer points of contact and publish to the cloud. All this and more is possible through our Integration solutions.


Businesses need to be prepared with reliable data to take action: Businesses in the future need to trust data to better serve their customers and deliver experiences in the right context; to optimize business processes and to achieve innovation in the products they offer. The great challenge today is how to unify your data in an environment of accelerated increase in demand of reliable data and so many information silos. Linko helps you solve that challenge by cleansing data, optimizing the data value-chain and simplifying access, we can help you implement a solid data governance strategy and share it whithin your organization with consistency and control. These are the most important aspects to become a truly data-driven business.


Our solutions help you increase your organization's intelligence by providing timely analytics and data science needed to generate deep knowledge, learn the best actions to take and automate them for better results. Leverage the power of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and several other technologies. Empower your business leaders with the right analytics at the right time, to deliver better business decisions to improve customer satisfaction and profitability.


Large Companies execute dozens of processes to serve their customers, and have invaluable historical information. Linko has  technology to automate decision making processes at a scale in real-time based on Machine Learning models. Imagine being able to intelligently configure a credit to decide amount, term, rate and other characteristics of the credit based on the information that your customer provides. A Machine Learning model will tell you the probability that new customer will be able to pay their fees on time.


Linko helps your company to create the necessary developments for your digital channels. We are experts in mobile application, web applications, microservices, APIs, and all modern development methodologies such as agile or DevOPS. Your development projects are in good hands with the expertise of our architects and developers.


Linko helps companies to jointly improve digital customer's experience through the use of technology and innovation.


We are always available to discuss the future of your digital customers.

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