The expertise of our team, and the best technology, allow us to offer incredible solutions.

Business Lines


A highly specialized professional team allows us to face complex consulting challenges. Our consulting team has worked in dozens of projects and a proven track-record. With more than 500 successful projects in our portfolio, we have developed the right tools and knowledge to face even the most complex projects.

Managed Services

Responding to IT demands and complexities when you have the right expert support is easier. Having an ally to help keep maintenance costs up to date, multiple hardware and software vendors, and growing demands on the applications your organization uses every day requires a high level of expertise.


Our solutions are at the center of your company's life, from payment and business security. We authenticate people, transactions and IoT devices, encrypt data and generate value for secure applications, enabling our customers to provide secure digital services to billions of people and IoT.


Training plays a fundamental role in the sustainability and long-term success of projects. At Linko we can train your team to acquire knowledge in different tools to enable your team to develop, maintain, and grow your technological stack.


Methodology to develop innovation focused on people, offering the opportunity to observe the challenges, detect needs and finally find the right solutions to the challenges posed. This approach serves to have a better sensibility of the UX and dev teams, to meet the needs of customers in a way that is technologically feasible and commercially viable.


We have a solid team of specialized developers, software architects, UX specialists and the right blend of tools and methodologies. We build world-class projects with best-in-class technologies, but we make it practical, we really focus on solving specific business needs.


We help you reduce IT costs and easily increase the performance and capacity of your systems. Starting from an application migration to the cloud, to creating hybrid environments, applications built from scratch, backup environments, and high-availability, are some of the benefits of having these services today.


We make the person the Center of our work.


We are always available to discuss the future of your digital customers.

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